Creation of the RDI Working Group

The Working Group for Research-Development and Innovation (GLCDI), is the main specialized consultative body, without legal personality, which operates within the Transylvania Textile & Fashion cluster.

GLCDI has the mission to provide specialized scientific support in the elaboration of a draft of the final strategic agenda including the main categories of products / technologies / services / processes to be developed in partnership at the cluster level.

GLCDI members are:

  1. Institutul National de Cercetare Dezvoltare pentru Textile șI Pielărie – INCDTP
  2. Liceul Tehnologic Puskas Tivadar
  3. Liceul Tehnologic Nicolae Bălcescu
  4. Liceul Tehnologic Berde Aron
  5. ExoPalma Srl
  6. Profitex Srl
  7. Napa Mode Srl
  8. Primo Service Srl
  9. Coding Inventions Srl
  10. Uto Kinga PFA
  11. PFA Szovati Maria
  12. Variart Srl
  13. Shoptsie LTD
  14. Sport Textile Team Srl
  15. Amik Wooden Srl
  16. Galeria E&K
  17. Orban B. Kinga II

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