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Transylvania Textile & Fashion is a regional cluster in the field of textile and fashion located in the center region in Romania and was founded in 2013 and currently has 44 members, 32 of which are small and medium enterprises. Besides the SME’s, members include universities, research institutions, consulting companies, city councils.

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The vision of the Transylvania Textile & Fashion cluster is to create an environment in textile and clothing industry in the Central region, where through the formation of a system of relationships and the value chain, all the while ensuring quality management, the sustainable development of the region can be established.


  • Strengthening cooperation between cluster members, utilizing resources more efficiently.
  • Sustainable development of the cluster – developing and strengthening the economic potential of productive firms.
  • Establishing a strategy for regional development
  • Establishing national and international relations

Support services

  • Access to the European Internal market
  • Access to public support (regional/national programmes, innovation vouchers, etc.)
  • Facilitation of collaboration between members
  • Facilitation of cross-sectorial cooperation
  • Support of technology transfer



Taking into account the importance of circular economy, we believe that students in vocational schools should also be aware of his concept.

Cross-sectoral collaboration

In order to improve and develop cross-sectoral cooperation, our cluster became a member of the Transylvania Cluster Consortium in the Centre-Region in Romania.


The Transylvania Textile & Fashion cluster is part of the cultural and creative industry. For this reason, we have signed a cooperation agreement with the Regional Development Agency in the Centre-Region

Start-ups and Accelerator

Several entrepreneurs applied for start-up grants and finished an entrepreneurial course. As a result, some of them become start-uppers and established their firm and started to implement the proposed activities with our help

Presentation of new products

New products of the cluster that were made taking in consideration the principles of sustainability and the circular economy were presented at the Entrepreneurial discovery meeting in the field of Sustainable Economy.

Smart Specialization

Due to our call to the Central Region Regional Development Agency and a solid argumentation, the textile industry was included in the areas of smart specialization.

National Textile and Leather Industry Olympics

Due to the immediate and serious cooperation between the textile clusters the awarding ceremony was a huge success and one full of joy.


  • Bronze Label Certificate accorded by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) of VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH
  • Our cluster has a copyrighted trade mark
  • Organization of national textile Olympiads for students in technological schools
  • Collaboration protocols with clusters from Hungary working in different sectors, collaboration protocols of chambers of commerce and industry from Hungary
  • A large number of national and local press articles about the activities of the cluster
  • Radio shows and TV reports
  • Representation of the cluster at ADR CENTER in the working group of the “Textile, Garment, Leather” domain for updating the Intelligent Specialization Strategy
  • Transylvania Textile & Fashion cluster is a member of the Balkan Cluster Network,are present on the Cluster Collaboration platform
  • We are also members of the Romanian Cluster Association (Clustero)
  • Our cluster has a very good collaboration with the Centru Regional Development Agency. Based on our analysis, argumentation and request, the textile industry was included in the areas of smart specialization
  • We are also members of the workgroup “Working Group to promote cultural and creative industries created under the project of interregional cooperation CRE : HUB – ” Policies for cultural creative industries : the HUB for Innovative regional development” funded under the European Commission’s interregional cooperation – Interreg Europe, implemented by RDA CENTRU
  • We are familiar with funding through Regional Operational Programme, we continually offer advice to our members and we are invited to consultations on developing guidelines and on establishing the regional development strategy
  • We are members of the Transylvania Cluster Consortium which includes twenty-one clusters working in different areas from Centru region

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