Project Launch Event

Project Launch Event

On 26.07.2018 Transylvania Textile & Fashion Cluster organized the launch event of Competitive advantage through innovation in Transylvania Textile & Fashion Cluster-CATINN project, funded by the National R & D and Innovation Program 2015-2020 coordinated by the Ministry of Research and Innovation and the Executive Unit for Financing Higher Education for Research, Development and Innovation. The event was organized in the Orchidea Events hall in Sfantu Gheorghe.

The duration of the project is 24 months, starting with 02.07.2018-30.06.2020, amounting to 415000 lei, the objective being the elaboration of the Transylvania Textile & Fashion Cluster’s research-development-innovation agenda. The presentation was made by Mirela Sanda Bogyó, manager of the Transylvania Textile & Fashion Cluster.

Gászpor Éva presented the Transylvania Textile & Fashion Cluster and its activities, especially the events organised in the vocational schools, as well as the participation at international events where she mentioned the young people who work in the field – Ütő Kinga, Jánosi Ágnes Anikó, Könczei Alpár, Romcea Sebastian, Ördög Zoltán, Máté Zsolt.

Vajda Lajos Vice President Clustero, Coordinator of the Clusters that have their management entity in the Business Incubator, referred to the structure of the Clusters: each Cluster should deal with business representatives and create value chains. You can not think of a longer perspective without research, creativity and innovation. We need specialist training and awareness raising about the possibilities. Internationalisation plays an important role in getting inspiration from international best practices, but the ability to represent the possibilities and achievements in Romania is also very important. Another important role regarding internationalisation has the communication. It is important for Clusters to be involved in the development of the region and the country as well, having as leading principle and document the Sustainable Development Goals-Agenda30.

You can download the project agenda here

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